flow with digital meditation

Ecstasis is an ancient Greek word meaning 'to step outside of the self'

 It is an experience that combines powerful digital techniques to help you access an improved excellence in a safe way similar to Virtual Reality



Brainwave monitoring combined with flashes of white lights results in scientifically proven experiences of unexpected ideas & rejuvenation.

Longer lasting results of thinking about things slightly differently are reported also



See your brainwaves change in realtime :

“It helps slow things down so that I can act calmly, even in the face of chaos, just like a ninja in a street fight” 



High performance achievers looking to experience a sustainable 'flowstate', people who are not regular meditators, people from all fields of business who have an enquiring mind


Inspired by how successful business entrepreneurs use meditation
 to unlock their creativity
we help to
train your mind
unlock your creativity
to experience excellence &  flowstate
Most people  can benefit from this experience, it helps in balancing work and life for you and your team
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a state of present moment awareness


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