‘Ecstasis’ means to 'step outside of the self'

What we do
We provide digitally-enabled one to one sessions that improve your ability to do more and at a
higher level of excellence, your first session lasts about one hour
Once you become familiar with the relaxed state of mind known as ‘flowstate’ you will feel as if your brainwaves have been slightly shuffled. Changing cards into a different order adjusts the element of chance,
this subtle improvement is analogous to flow
by training your mind you can operate at your peak
Who we are
Neurofeedback researcher & artist Luciana Haill designed Ecstasis in 2019. She combines over 20 years of understanding brainwaves with techniques that can help you be at your best more often

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 This can unblock routes in problem-solving, assist in developing intuition and relaxation and achieve more excellence from your extraordinary brain

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Neuroscience of flow
'Flowstates' have several key characteristics eg :
intense concentration 
merging of action and awareness
 loss of reflective self-consciousness
a sense of personal control over the activity
distortion of the awareness of time
experiencing the activity as intrinsically rewarding

Using neurofeedback ( brainwaves monitoring from the forehead ) with programmed flickering white light your brain becomes less reactive and judgmental
You will access a receptive state of consciousness to generate solutions
This is a learning strategy enabling persons to alter their brainwaves by getting feedback from their present state, and intuitively accessing a different state of mind
Do contact us to see if this is suitable for you and your team


The white strobe lamp used by Ecstasis - is called PandoraStar, it has been EC tested and certified. Ecstasis facilitated by PandoraStar is intended for recreational and research applications only and is not intended to be used as a medical device as defined in EU Directive 93/42/EEC, nor is it intended to be used for the treatment of disease. Ecstasis shall not be liable for any use other than pure recreational and research applications. All data recorded from the brain is totally confidential and will not be shared with any other party.