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Ecstasis use PandoraStar, it  is a recreational device for personal use:


It contains a stroboscopic stimulus that should only ever be observed through closed eyelids.

Epileptic seizures can be triggered with photosensitive persons.

It is not intended for medical use and should not be used as a medical substitute.

It is not intended for the diagnosis of illness or other disorders.

It is not intended for treatment, relief, healing or prevention of disease.

It is not intended to influence body structures.

It is strongly advised that you consult with a medical professional before using the device if you are in any doubt, or:


In case you have ever had any kind of seizure or epilepsy.

In case you have ever had a severe head injury or concussion.

If you are taking any medication, particularly depression and/or anxiety.

If you suffer from heart or other health troubles that require medical treatment.

If you are pregnant.

Do not use the device if you have a cardiac pacemaker.


Do not use the lamp with young children.