first session

first session

Appointments are pre-booked visits on-site with each client

A private room where there will be no other people is essential
(Headphones will be used in the session)

Special furniture is not required, just two chairs and a table for a laptop


Special lighting is not required, just a quiet room


A variety of stroboscopic light patterns will be offered to each client to help determine the optimal program


Brainwaves will also be recorded for a baseline analysis and to compare as the sessions progress

An addendum of the session will be sent to each client's private email - includes the notes and screen stills of brainwaves in motion


All data is strictly confidential and the recording software does not share it in any way


Client consultancy and flow state plan created

PandoraStar Strobe lamp introduced and some programs demonstrated


£300  per session/ per person


£1000 per half day / upto 4 persons