We offer three types of sessions for beginners, regular users and experienced Ecstasis explorers.
Everyone who leads a busy life can experience some of what we can offer in about an hour.
Ecstasis offers a fast, safe and easy way to access improved excellence and deep trance states with creative brainwave monitoring in a relaxing way



first session

Luciana will show you some of the different types of flickering light techniques with brainwave recordings made for you to keep


Expansive changes within your consciousness occur simply by watching 12 stroboscopic LEDs through closed eyes. 


Upto 2 hours 



Monthly sessions are needed to monitor progress & feedback from each client incorporated into a tailor-made program


To initiate the flowstate we use commercial devices known as PandoraStar and DeepVision Kasina Light/Sound system with Subpac wearable speaker



Up to 2 hours




After a few months of achieving ecstasis, an extra level of optimal brainwaves will be added to the achievement list


This involves adding Gamma waves into the meditative flow-state


Research with Tibetan monks shows this to be the most effective combination


coming soon
Ecstasis combines this with Neurofeedback - a therapeutic intervention that provides immediate feedback from a computer-based program that assesses the client's brainwave activity. The program then uses sound ( by headphones and wearable 'SubPac' speaker to reorganise or retrain these brain signals to encourage more 'flow'.